The Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics Association of North Carolina represents full-time professional fire fighters and paramedics and is a Chartered State Association of the International Association of Fire Fighters. We are the only statewide fire/EMS service organization representing professional fire fighters and paramedics at the North Carolina Legislature and before numerous state agencies. Currently, there are 35 PFFPNC affiliate locals in the state, and PFFPNC is working to organize more locals into the IAFF this coming year. PFFPNC is one of the most active lobbying organizations in Raleigh.

The mission of PFFPNC is to be an advocate in the North Carolina State Capitol as well as counties and cities for fire fighters, paramedics and the Fire/Rescue services as a whole; inform and educate our members in order to place them on a higher plane of professionalism; and encourage and promote mutual assistance between all paid professional fire fighters and EMS services.

PFFPNC will continue to work for benefits and to improve the safety of professional fire fighters and paramedics across the state whether the need is in legislature or state agencies. We strive to pull all fire fighters and paramedics in the state together to build the IAFF’s political strength and in the future become even more affective for our members in North Carolina.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach us at [email protected].