Is Your Local a Part of PFFPNC?

The Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina (PFFPNC) exclusively represents the interest of professional fire fighters and emergency medical personnel in North Carolina and presently have approximately 3,000 members and anticipating additional growth. The potential growth in the state is approximately 4,000 members.

As the state affiliate of the IAFF, the PFFPNC is working on a complete range of services for its members at the state level.

  • We are affiliated with the North Carolina AFL-CIO expanding our political base with all organized labor in the state.
  • Our Legislative Program introduces legislation favorable to North Carolina Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Personnel.
  • Our State-Wide legal representation has won numerous unfair labor decisions and over 10 FLSA cases involving over $800,000 in money paid back to our members.  Numerous civil service, city and county grievances have been won through-out the state.
  • PFFPNC Organizing Program has enhanced the fire fighter/paramedic’s political base in NC and in the IAFF. The PFFPNC has organized more than 30 IAFF locals since 1991.
  • We conduct state-wide seminars to educate on legal matters, workers compensation law, health and safety issues and other matters concerning professional fire fighters and paramedics.
  • The PFFPNC has two members serving on the NC AFL-CIO Executive Board representing the interest of IAFF members.
  • Through legislation we initiated, we now have representation on the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission serving the interest of IAFF members on this very important commission.

So Ask yourself:

Why should you be concerned if your Local is not a member of the Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina ?

  1. One voice is the most effective way to be heard in Raleigh.  Members of the General Assembly love to pit organizations against each other, it allows them to do nothing because each entity has a slightly different take on an issue.
  2. It’s the best use of resources. The PFFPNC dedicates time and money each legislative session to plan, research and lobby each issue that is important to you as a professional firefighter/paramedic.  2-3 days each week is dedicated to the General Assembly while in session.
  3. With that consistent presence in the capitol, we are in a position to react to any issue that surfaces during the legislative session.

If your Local is not a member, ask your leadership why.

If you are a local officer contact the PFFPNC now! Reach an e-board representative here.

Every firefighter/paramedic benefits when we speak as one.