PFFPNC Convention 2023, day 2

Day two of the 2023 PFFPNC Convention began with a face-to-face call with the IAFF’s General President Ed Kelly and General Secretary/Treasurer Frank Lima.

Among GP Kelly’s remarks his pledge that the IAF is taking cancer head on and that it’s a priority on getting more cancer legislation passed on a federal and state level. He also mentioned the IAFF investment in cancer research and its determination to go after these chemical companies responsible for hazardous material in our PPE. He also acknowledge that he knows collective bargaining is a tough fight, especially in a state like NC, but he said the IAFF wants to take it to a city and county. He did congratulation Greensboro and Winston-Salem on their civil service due process passage.

He then encouraged everyone to feel free to reach out to him with any issues or needs and said he was proud to serve as our leader.

General S/T Frank Lima touched on similar topics but stressing the state of our finances, which he said are the best they’ve been in eight years. He reminded us not one penny of our dues go to federal campaigns.

He then reminded everyone to feel free to bring ideas to the table, hold them accountable and then thanked everyone for all they do.

We heard from several IAFF representatives on different programs and opportunities available. Among those included:

  • Greg Markley and Becky Wallen with the IAFF MERP Health Trust program (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan)
  • Kelly Savage with the Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery
  • Josh Smith, assistant to the General President, over training, education and grants
  • Jamie Burgess, deputy director of HazMat Training

Following a working lunch and hearing from some of our sponsors and vendors, we heard from District 12 Field Service Rep. Jayson French. He gave some great advice in his communication training. Some advice included:

  • Always have a plan for all forms of communication
  • Remember messaging is an area we control
  • Keep emails short and include an attachment/link
  • Send press releases to the media, best from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Monday-Wednesday and put fire fighter in the subject line
  • Contact Walt Dix for any communication issues and they can help

The day concluded with two of the seven resolutions read. Both passed unanimously and are very well deserved. Former PFFPNC S/T and Political Director Josh Smith and former DVP3 Keith Wilder were both awarded Emeritus status for their amazing work and dedication to the PFFPNC and its members. Very well deserved and congratulations to those two loyal gentlemen.

We will continue at 9 tomorrow with the reading of five more resolutions.