So What Happens to HB340 Now?

Technically, HB340|Separation Allowance is still alive as the General Assembly’s adjournment resolution requires the legislative body to return in a lame duck session on Tuesday, Nov. 27, a couple weeks after election day.

This is in contrast to past adjournment resolutions for a short session, in which the General Assembly adjourns sine die, which means adjournment without a day being set for reconvening. In other words, sine die adjournment is a final adjournment resolution.

However, fire fighters are advised not to put much optimism that a November legislative session will bring enactment of HB340.

Instead, PFFPNC will be preparing for the 2019-2020 legislative sessions and the reintroduction of separation allowance bills – one in the House and the other in the Senate – that will likely have new bill numbers.

Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake) said he wanted to meet with PFFPNC in the fall to lay out a bicameral legislative strategy for separation allowance in 2019.