Burlington Local 1915 History

Burlington – Bits & Pieces of History

Original Charter No. 1915

IAFF Charter Application, November, 17, 1969 – Received November 20, 1969

IAFF President: W. Howard McClennan

IAFF Secretary/Treasurer: Albert E. Albertoni

Local 1915 Temporary President: Raymond L. Burke

Local 1915 Temporary Secretary/Treasurer: Jerry G. Johnson

Organized by: Charles A. Hall, IAFF 12th District Vice President

Application for IAFF Charter for the

“North Carolina Professional Fire Fighters Association”

Date on IAFF Charter Application, January 29, 1970 – Received February 2, 1970

Temporary President – Ned K. Perry, Raleigh; Temporary Sec.-Treas. – Sidney E. Levy Durham; IAFF DVP Charles H. Hall; IAFF President – William H McClennan.

IAFF Locals as listed:

  1. Raleigh Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 548
  2. Greensboro Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 947
  3. Durham Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 668
  4. Asheville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 865
  5. Burlington Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1915
  6. Charlotte Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 660
  7. Fayetteville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1873
  8. Goldsboro Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1871
  9. Greenville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1867
  10. Kinston Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1847
  11. Wilmington Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1284
  12. Wilson Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1932

Burlington Firemen Elect Officers

The Hose & NozzleMay – June 1971

            The Burlington firemen’s union has elected a new slate of officers and re-emphasized its goal for a better fire service.  At the same time, the union stated it was pleased with recent moves by city officials directed toward upgrading the fire department.

            Cited as examples of the improvements was the purchase of a new pumper and plans for two suburban stations.

            Officers elected were Thomas Fuller, president; Coy Justice, vice president, and Bruce W. Seay, secretary-treasurer.

Professional Firefighter’s Association Hold Seminar at Burlington

The Hose & NozzleMay – June 1976

            Thirty-one members representing fifteen locals in North Carolina attended an educational workshop seminar, which was jointly sponsored by the Professional Fire Fighters Association of North Carolina and the International Association of Fire Fighters.  The seminar was held in Burlington.  It was the first seminar of it’s kind in N. C.

            International representatives are:  Dr. Ross Atwood, Director of Education, and Charlie Kassuth, Staff Representative.  N. C. was also pleased to have Tony Caldwell, President and Ed Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer from Georgia’s Professional Fire Fighters Association.

            The officers for the Association are:  President Guy Basden, Kinston; Vice President Sidney Levy, Durham; Secretary-Treasurer Dale Kesler, Kinston.  The Executive Committee members were:  John Doran, Burlington; W. Frank Jones,Greensboro; Bill Brawley, Charlotte; and Donnie Perry, Raleigh.

            Dr. Atwood instructed those attending on the procedures involved in running a local, the responsibilities the officers have while holding local office and the rights members have while attending union meetings.

            Tony Caldwell from the Georgia Professional Fire Fighters Association spoke on the close working relationship that is essential for neighboring state fire fighters to have.

            Guy Basden, President of the Professional Fire Fighters Association of N. C. spoke on the future of Collective Bargaining for public employees in N. C. and also gave a legislative review of collective bargaining.

            Staff Representative Charlie Kassuth gave an educational background of the International and mentioned the various items of information that can be obtained from the IAFF and the importance of Public Relations for fire fighters. Kassuth then ended the seminar with a question and answer period which was most helpful to all locals in North Carolina.

Burlington Fire Fighters Local 1915 Certified Under EMSProgram

North Carolina Professional Fire Fighter, Summer, 1978

Burlington Fire Fighter Local 1915 is now involved with recertification under the North Carolina EMS program.  The Department was certified two years ago and must be reexamined every two years.

            The EMS program in Burlington was initiated as an alternative to public safety officer concept.  Our first year in the Emergency Medical Service was a slow and trying time.  Public awareness and understanding of the program were our largest problems.  With the help of the Burlington Police Department, local newspapers, and the Alamance County Rescue Unit, our EMS program is functioning and growing each month.

            The Department now has one EMS van in operation.  Two technicians are assigned to EMS duty for 24-hours shift.  All their fire fighting and station duties are cancelled for that day.

            We are extremely proud of our EMS program and the people ofBurlington have accepted the service with enthusiasm.

            Hopefully, the next two years will be better than the last two.  This program has put us “in the public’s eye” like never before.  Perhaps we can show the public that fire fighters do more than just fight fires; that we care about them and their families; and that they can call upon us in a time of need.