Goldsboro Local 1871 History

Goldsboro –Bits & Pieces of History

  Goldsboro Local No. 1871

IAFF Charter Application, August 1, 1969

IAFF President: W. Howard McClennan

IAFF Secretary/Treasurer: Albert E. Albertoni

Local 1871 Temporary President: Max Rose

Local 1871 Temporary Secretary/Treasurer: Billie Bonham

Organized by: Charles A. Hall, IAFF 12th DVP

Application for IAFF Charter for the

“North Carolina Professional Fire Fighters Association”

Date on IAFF Charter Application, January 29, 1970 – Received February 2, 1970

Temporary President – Ned K. Perry, Raleigh; Temporary Sec.-Treas. – Sidney E. Levy Durham; IAFF DVP – Charles A. Hall; IAFF President – William H. McClennan.

IAFF Locals as listed:

  1. Raleigh Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 548
  2. Greensboro Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 947
  3. Durham Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 668
  4. Asheville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 865
  5. Burlington Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1915
  6. Charlotte Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 660
  7. Fayetteville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1873
  8. Goldsboro Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1871
  9. Greenville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1867
  10. Kinston Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1847
  11. Wilmington Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1284
  12. Wilson Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1932

Request Denied

The Hose & Nozzle, July- August 1970

In answer to their request for better working conditions and more money compensation, Goldsboro firemen have been advised that the board of alderman feels it can go no further than the position classification plan.

City Manager Kyle said job classification plan for city employees is based on a study of salaries of seven other Eastern North Carolina and five Goldsboroindustries.

Requested was food allowance of two dollars per day per man on duty, payment of hospital insurance premiums for firemen, permission to hold union meetings at the fire station and employment of an additional dispatcher to work on weekends.

Goldsboro Fire Fighters Win Raise

North Carolina Fire Fighter, Summer, 1978

By: Wilbert A. Musselman, President Goldsboro Local 1871

Fiscal year 1978 started off with a good pay raise for Goldsboro fire Fighters.  Those recently promoted at the top of the pay scale got a ten percent raise; others got a 15-per cent raise.  We recently obtained a new snorkel fire truck with a 1250 GPM pump aboard.  A new pumper is in the budget for next year.

Assistant Fire Chief Aaron Eason is getting a medical retirement which will open promotions all along the line.

The Fire Fighters at the substation volunteered to repaint their quarters, which certainly brightened up the atmosphere around there.

Last year all fire fighters attended the EMT classes, and about 75 per cent passed and are now qualified EMTs. A new rescue vehicle is being programmed to replace the present one.

City Manager Kenneth Kyle, who served for about eight years, has reigned and we are looking forward to a replacement who has far more interest in the needs and problems of the fire department.  The city has also obtained a dental insurance program for all employees with a cost of $4.00 per pay day for dependants and no charge for employees.  Many dental services are free with other services pro-rated at about half the normal price.

Goldsboro’s 1979 Outlook Appears Brighter and More Favorable

North Carolina Professional Fire Fighter, Spring, 1979

By: Wilbert A. Musselman, Local 1871 President

The outlook for this fire department appears to be brighter and more favorable for 1979.  The city has a new manager, and his actions, concern, and feelings toward the fire department will shed more light on what we can expect from the city.

            A new pumper has been ordered, along with a new rescue vehicle.  No firm date of delivery is available.  Because of the city’s growth, a new substation is being planned.  A plot of land is being sought in a favorable location.

            In March, all fire fighters will be given a 21-hour refresher course in emergency medical technology.  This course keeps members updated and current in the EMT program.

            We have not experienced any major fires in Goldsboro.  1978 was an average year and fire damage to property was average.

            Most fire fighters seem to be satisfied with working conditions.  Gripes are not being voiced to an unusual degree.  It appears that most are happy, content, and satisfied to continue on to the day of their retirement.  This is probably why union membership is a very low level.  We will keep our per capita paid and the charter current so it does not become invalid.  I feel sure that petty soon something will stimulate the growth of membership to the point where we are recognized and can bargain.

We wish all fire fighters a quiet shift.