Kinston Local 3015 History

Kinston – Bits and Pieces of History

Greenville Votes To Form Union

The Hose & NozzleJuly – August 1969

Greenville, N. C. firemen representing 80 percent of the department, voted to unionize and affiliate with the International Association of Fire Fighters.

The Unionization marked the first such activity within the city government, but the Greenville department was the second in Eastern North Carolina to form a union in recent weeks.  The Kinston Fire Department union was officially chartered recently.

Action by the local firemen is being opposed by city officials.  The department has 32 full paid firemen plus 36 volunteers.  The volunteer department is not affected by the union move.

Currently under consideration by the city administration is a minimum 5 per cent increase in pay for city employees and a supplement for longevity.


Application for IAFF Charter for the

“North Carolina Professional Fire Fighters Association”

Date on IAFF Charter Application, January 29, 1970 – Received February 2, 1970

Temporary President – Ned K. Perry, Raleigh; Temporary Sec.-Treas. – Sidney E. Levy Durham; IAFF DVP – Charles H. Hall; IAFF President – William H. McClennon.

IAFF Locals as listed:

  1. Raleigh Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 548
  2. Greensboro Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 947
  3. Durham Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 668
  4. Asheville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 865
  5. Burlington Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1915
  6. Charlotte Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 660
  7. Fayetteville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1873
  8. Goldsboro Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1871
  9. Greenville Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1867
  10. Kinston Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1847
  11. Wilmington Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1284
  12. Wilson Fire Fighters Association, Local Union No. 1932


Firefighters Submit Request

The Hose & Nozzle – July-August, 1970

The Kinston Fire Fighters Association, through Attorney Everett Wooten, presented recommendations concerning promotions and pay scales to the Kinston City Council.

Members of the Council took no action on the recommendation.

Approximately 20 members of the Association were present at the meeting.  The Association admitted the current promotion policy “is a step in the right direction.”  Prior to its adoption, there was not a clear cut promotion policy in effect in the fire department at all.  Recommended improvements in four areas were:

–        Eliminate overemphasis on written test scores.  According to the Association, written test scores now make up about 45     percent of a firefighter’s eligibility rating.  The Association recommended this figure be dropped to 20 percent and that “added emphasis be placed on seniority and past performance.”

–        It was recommended that promotions be made in order from eligibility lists or by a promotions board as suggested in a list of recommendations to City Council about two months ago.  Under the present system a vacancy is filled from the top three men on the eligibility list.

–        Recommended longer time in service before being eligible for promotion.  The Association recommended three years for engineer–drivers instead of two years; five years for lieutenant instead of three years; 10 years for Captain and 15 years for assistant chief.

–        Recommended that vacancies be filled as soon as practicable after they become open.

In the second field, salary increases, the 25 percent salary first asked about two months ago was sought again.

It was pointed out that a Kinston firefighter starts with a salary of about $5,000 per year and after three years of service can reach top firefighter pay of $6,144 per year.

Firefighter’s Assn. Elects New Officers

The Hose & NozzleSeptember – October 1975

Sidney E. Levy of 2401 Tampa Ave., in Durham was named vice president of the Professional Firefighters Association of North Carolina.

            Guy N. Basden and J. T. Wells, both of Kinston, were named president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, of the state firefighters’ group.