Day 1 Of The 2014 PFFPNC Convention

Day one of the 2014 PFFPNC convention is in the books in downtown Winston-Salem.

The morning started with sounding notes of support and thanks from members of the Winston-Salem city council and mayor Allen Joines.

PFFPNC President David Anders addressed the crowd next. The outgoing leader touched on his more than 20 years experience with PFFPNC. He encouraged recruiting, not lowering membership dues and the importance of building good relationships with city leaders.

Walt Dix with the IAFF 12th District also spoke in the morning hours. He reiterated the importance of politics and backing candidates. He also emphasized Fire Ops 101 and encouraged all locals to get involved.

Asheville Fire Chief Scott Burnette addressed the crowd before lunch with a touching story of Capt. Scott Bowen, who died in the line of duty in July 2011. Chief Burnette talked about the lessons learned from the incident and how the department has changed and improved since. He pointed out six areas that all departments should work to improve:

  1. Air management
  2. Staffing
  3. IMT
  4. RIT
  5. Mayday training
  6. Health and wellness

Following lunch, members of the D.C. Burn Foundation spoke, sharing stories of survival and how to get involved with the Burn Center.

The day ended with nominations for office. All district vice president candidates were nominated unopposed and voted in to office. The following DVPs were named:

  • District 1: Scott Mullins
  • District 2: David Pollard
  • District 3: Keith Wilder
  • District 4: Frank Conklin
  • Charlotte: Marty Puckett

For position of PFFPNC President, two candidates were nominated: Donald Ragavage and Tom Brewer. For PFFPNC Secretary-Treasurer, two candidates also were nominated: Richard O’Brien and Josh Smith. Nominated for Trustee were Curtis Collins and Joey McIntyre.

The day recessed at 5 p.m. and will convene at 9 a.m. Tuesday.