Greenville Professional Fire Fighters, City Of Greenville Reach Agreement In Suit Filed In 2013

A lawsuit that was filed almost two years again between the Greenville Professional Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 1867 and EMS Specialist Lisa Davis-Christ vs. the city of Greenville has been settled after determined efforts from Davis-Christ, Local 1867 and Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina Association attorneys.

Among the agreements in the settlement are:

  • The city agrees its employees may join and/or support any lawful fraternal, professional or other association as long as such participation does not interfere with the duties or responsibilities of the employee with respect to their work as a city employee. This includes the right of employees of Greenville Fire Rescue to join and/or support the GPFFA.
  • The city agrees that … the fire chief will meet with representatives of GPFFA to discuss any concerns GPFFA may have with respect to Greenville Fire Rescue, upon written request of GPFFA … requesting no more than one meeting a month.
  • The city agrees that Greenville Fire Rescue employees may participate in the MDA Fill-the-Boot campaign while off-duty. For a period of two years, the city agrees to permit off-duty firefighters to wear GFR clothing while engaging in Fill-the-Boot activities, and to permit the use of reserve fire truck in the fund-raising activities.
  • … The city agrees to pay EMS-Specialist Lisa Davis-Christ the gross sum of seven thousand dollars. … The payment set forth is in comprise of a disputed claim for damages, reimbursement of costs and/or attorney’s fees.

“Being almost two years, we are glad it’s settled,” said Davis-Christ. “We are happy with the outcome, and I think we got some good points. (There are agreements in the settlement) that are good for not only the fire department, but for all city employees.

“We still have bridges to build between the city and fire department. One of our points is that we will get a meeting once a month with the Local and chief. That’s never happened before. We are hopeful we can work together.”

The suit was filed in August 2013. Davis-Christ stated the city violated her constitutional rights. Greenville Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 1867 also filed as a plaintiff in the suit. Davis-Christ and GPFFA stated the city was trying to “weaken and destroy the GPFFA”, and it resulted in unfair punishment toward Davis-Christ, the vice president of the association, that most likely caused her not to qualify for a promotion to lieutenant.

PFFPNC attorney Travis Payne of Edelstein and Payne out of Raleigh represented the case.

“The faith in the International (International Association of Fire Fighters) and their backing is the reason was possible,” said Davis-Christ. “This couldn’t have happened without their support both financially and backing of us.”