PFFPNC 2016 Convention Day 1

The 2016 Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics Convention kicked off shortly after 9 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 28. The day’s speakers include PFFPNC President Tom Brewer, Secretary/Treasurer Josh Smith, IAFF General Secretary/Treasurer Ed Kelly, Rep. Nelson Dollar Staff Member Logan Martin, New Frame’s Brian Lewis and Travis Payne of Edelstein and Payne Attorneys.

Ed Kelly, who was recently elected as IAFF General Secretary/Treasurer discussed some items the IAFF is working on including exploring ways to grow the disaster relief fun and working on dues deduction. He encouraged the crowd to focus their energy on organizing and growing membership by showing them what all IAFF does for its members.

Brian Lewis discussed recent politic actions and said “we want to work with whoever works for us.” He stressed that PFFPNC is working with  both parties in the state to continue fighting for rights of fire fighters and paramedics. This year, they hope to get three more cancers added to the house bill.

The day also included district caucuses, resolutions and office nominations. Tom Brewer will continue to serve as president. Josh Smith will continue to serve as secretary-treasurer. Scott Mullins, David Pollard and Keith Wilder will serve as District Vice Presidents for 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Jerry Wiggins will continue to serve as trustee. There will be an election in District 4 between Brad Ray and Ryan Merrill for vice president.

Four resolutions were discussed today.

  • A resolution to change representation in convention was rejected.
  • A resolution to update Emeritus Status was unanimously adopted.
  • A resolution to change to a biannual convention from an annual one was adopted.
  • A resolution to PFFPNC officer election resulting from biannual conventions was adopted.

The day adjourned around 2 p.m. and will continue Tuesday at 9 a.m.