PFFPNC 2016 Convention Day 2

Day 2 of the 2016 Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina Convention was full of inspiring speeches and helpful advice.

The morning started with IAFF President Harold Schaitberger addressing the crowd. He recognized the state and members for all their hard work fighting grievances, manning the polling places and its cancer legislation efforts.

“All of you Locals fighting – I recognize it, and we’ve got your back,” Schaitberger said. “Your work is recognized around this international, and we are going to do whatever we can to support you.”

Schaitberger went on to say that the IAFF is going to make financial efforts to improve membership in North Carolina. The international is going to do whatever it can, Schaitberger said, to build affiliates through organizing strategies and campaigns. Schaitberger told the crowd that he hopes the IAFF’s financial help and support can increase membership by up to 5,000 members.

Schaitberger wrapped up his speech by talking about the political victories across the country this election season, including the election of Roy Cooper.

You can watch Schaitberger’s full speech on our Facebook page.

Cooper addressed the crowd next, thanking PFFPNC members for their support of him during the campaign. He said he looks forward to continuing working with the association to invest in fire fighters and paramedics. Cooper said he wants to work with both parties to “invest in our people.”

“It’s time for all us – Republican, Democratic, unaffiliated to roll up our sleeves and work together,” Cooper said. “I am grateful to all of you who serve the public, and I’m proud to be your next governor.”

The day continued with a presentation from the IAFF Financial Corp and Membership Engagement and Political Action training led by Greensboro’s Dave Coker and Michael Glynn of Fort Worth, Texas.

The training covered topics on communication, social media, membership involvement, political action plans, PACs and SMART goals. They encouraged knowing your union’s message and putting your message out there repeatedly through various ways of communication including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email campaigns, video messaging.

They also said to take responsibility for what you put out there. Don’t spread gossip or rumors and be cautious of what you posting.

The training also included membership involvement. Dave Coker encouraged you to try to understand why people don’t get involved and be prepared to challenge the negatives.

The training continued with a discussion on political action and PAC funds. Mike Glynn told members to develop relationships with your elected officials and start a PAC fund if you don’t have one already.

The educational training concluded with a talk on SMART Action Plans. A SMART plan should be specific, measureable, assignable, realistic and time-based. Creating a plan helps you prioritize and execute goals your Local sets, said Coker.

Convention will continue at 9 a.m. Wednesday when a new District 4 VP will be named and the final resolutions will be discussed.