PFFPNC launches quarterly magazine

PFFPNC is excited to announce the inaugural issue of The Firefighter, a quarterly magazine procuded by PFFPNC in collaboration with the IAFF and the government relations/communication team at New Frame.

Click here to read the first edition of The Firefighter.

Within The Firefighter, readers will find compelling content, new trends in the fire service and thought-provoking topics and inspiration. The Firefighter will share stories about the fire service, including real life stories of firefighters and their families, political news, recipes, trainings and products.

“If you have ideas – from recipes to interesting stories – please send them our way,” says PFFPNC President Tom Brewer. “This is our magazine and we promise to keep it authentic, real and relevant to you and your families.”

Brewer said the goal of each edition is to illicit excitement in every quarterly issue and to shape the magazine based on feedback from readers.

“I would like to take a moment to thank PFFPNC Political Director Josh Smith, the PFFPNC Executive Board, The Firefighter editor Jonathan Griswold, contributor Jennifer Menster and New Frame’s Brian Lewis for their hard work to launch this magazine,” Brewer said. “As you open your first inaugural issue of The Firefighter, it is our sincere hope that you are inspired and enjoy this publication created just for you.”