Separation Allowance Bill Fails to Move as Session Adjourns

The General Assembly adjourned the 2018 short session Friday, June 29, without the Senate moving HB340|Separation Allowance in a committee. "We are very disappointed first and foremost that fire fighters were not given an open hearing in a Senate committee on the bill," said PFFPNC Political Director Josh Smith. "The House initially had the same concerns [...]

HB340: As time ticks down, PFFPNC aims for field goal range

Senate leaders announced this week that the likelihood of statewide bills moving in committee or to the floor are unlikely. With HB340 | Separation Allowance hanging in the balance, PFFPNC was granted a 30-minute meeting with Senate Chief of Staff Jim Blaine on Thursday, June 21. PFFPNC Political Director Josh Smith and DVP Scott Mullins did an [...]

General Assembly doubles line-of-duty-death benefit

Top budget writers - Sen. Harry Brown (R-Onslow/Jones) and Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake) - held a joint press conference on Thursday to announce a package of line-items that have been agreed upon in the General Assembly's budget. During his time at he lectern, Sen. Brown said budget writers were adding correctional officers to the list of eligible [...]

VIDEO: PFFPNC April Video Update

PFFPNC's April Video Update features Justin Price from Greensboro and Scott Mullins from Asheville just minutes before they walk into two separate fundraisers in Raleigh for Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guiford) and Sen. Andy Wells (R-Catawba/Alexander). PFFPNC | April Video Update from New Frame Videos on [...]

VIDEO: PFFPNC Video Update, March 2018

PFFPNC's March video update includes a run-down on recent work in advocating for HB340|Separation Allowance and announces some important dates coming up in the next few [...]

PFFPNC to Host IAFF’s 2018 FSPPFF Conference

PFFPNC is proud to announce the IAFF's Federation of State and Provincial Professional Fire Fighters Conference will be held Sept. 25-29, 2018, at the Fairfield Marriott (downtown) in Charlotte. The formal announcement was made at the IAFF's ALTs Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., last month. North Carolina was awarded the conference after submitting [...]

PFFPNC Executive Board meets in Asheville for winter retreat

The PFFPNC Executive Board met January 15-17 in Asheville for its winter retreat to discuss 2018 planning, including the upcoming General Assembly short session that begins May 16. Other issues include political outreach in the Senate on HB340, 2018 General Assembly elections, organizing Locals, the formation of an LLC, fundraising, communications and [...]

PFFPNC DVP Scott Mullins fighting for rights on state and local level

If you follow PFFPNC DVP Scott Mullins on Twitter, you'll notice he's stirring it up over the disproportionate number of fire fighters getting cancer, something he's been working on since 2015 when PFFPNC introduced presumptive workers compensation legislation at the General Assembly. Now Mullins has a focus on Asheville policymakers, and he's gotten the [...]

VIDEO: PFFPNC Video Update, December 2017

The PFFPNC December 2017 Video Update features news from the Annual Convention held in November in Carolina Beach as well as upcoming news and information for members as we head into [...]