PFFPNC’s Super Tuesday Results

On balance, PFFPNC had a solid day on Super Tuesday from the top of the ballot down to the General Assembly races and on both sides of political aisle. At the top of PFFPNC's watch list was the North Carolina Senate race in Wayne and Lenoir counties, where Sen. Jim Perry was in a battle with a fellow Republican candidate who took cheap shots at fire [...]

The Firefighter, Volume 2 is now available for reading

The latest edition of The Firefighter, PFFPNC's quarterly magazine, is now out and available for reading. Produced by PFFPNC in collaboration with the IAFF and the government relations/communication team at New Frame, this issue of the Firefighter includes photos from around the state, from Asheville to Statesville to New Hanover, as well as education [...]

PFFPNC mourns the loss of Rep. Linda Johnson

PFFPNC mourns the loss of Rep. Linda Johnson, a Cabarrus County Republican lawmaker, who died on Tuesday from cancer. The 20-year veteran legislator was a high-ranking appropriations chair in the House who reveled in visits from fire fighters across North Carolina. "Her door was always open for us and we were always greeted with a hug," wrote PFFPNC [...]

PFFPNC Leaders Attend Joint Fire Summit

PFFPNC President Scott Mullins and Political Director Josh Smith attended a meeting this past week comprised of leaders from the three organizations advocating for fire fighters and the fire service at the General Assembly. The three organizations include PFFPNC, the NC Association of Fire Chiefs and the NC State Firefighters Association. "All three [...]

PFFPNC on Instagram, calls for photos

PFFPNC expanded its social media platforms to include Instagram in 2020. "We want to give our members - particularly our younger members one more platform to hear from PFFPNC," said PFFPNC president Scott Mullins. "While Facebook and Twitter are our gold standard message platforms, particularly about fire fighter news pertaining to the General Assembly, [...]

PFFPNC 2019 Convention – Day 2

The second day of the 2019 PFFPNC convention continued with another group of great speakers and educational presentations. IAFF president Harold Schaitberger first addressed the crowd. He updated delegates of the growth of the union, particularly in North Carolina. He also touched on politics stating that IAFF supports both sides of the party line, [...]

PFFPNC 2019 Convention – Day 1

The 2019 PFFPNC convention got off to a great start on Monday with numerous speakers, legislative updates and more. Speakers included Gov. Roy Cooper who addressed the convention on Veteran’s Day saying, “I know you have a dangerous job not only because you can get hurt but because you can get sick because of the work you do. Municipalities should have [...]

PFFPNC launches quarterly magazine

PFFPNC is excited to announce the inaugural issue of The Firefighter, a quarterly magazine procuded by PFFPNC in collaboration with the IAFF and the government relations/communication team at New Frame. Click here to read the first edition of The Firefighter. Within The Firefighter, readers will find compelling content, new trends in the fire service [...]